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Sygic GPS Navigation 11.2.6 Android ACTIVATION CODE

CLOSE Sygic or be sure it's not running (in the background).If needed, copy settings.ini (/data/sdcard/sygic/android) to a place where it is certainly editable.Open settings.ini with tinyedit or another app. Maybe it's editable on pc?

Sygic GPS Navigation 11.2.6 Android ACTIVATION CODE

Save the file, and (if needed) place it back to /data/sdcard/sygic/android. (It could be you need to use "save as" in tinyedit. Fill in a name, chance is your file will be saved to /home/nemo/documents)Delete "settings2.dat", also located in /data/sdcard/sygic/android

Confirmed the solution for latest Sygic (major update), 14.6.2. Typing your activation code is a complete hell, but is possible...try. And try. And try. And try. Really.Update: GPS fix isn't great. Reverting to GPS,9600,3 wasn't the solution...

When you are able to "unpackage" and "repackage" APK you can use JBE (Java Bytecode Editor) tochange the bytecode as follows: in class com.sygic.aura.clazz.SatelliteInfo, in the second constructor ( method)change bytecode instruction at line 25 (the line before putfield com/sygic/aura/clazz/SatelliteInfo/nInUse I) from iload_2 to iconst_1 save method and rebuild package

Not at all regarding tweaking Sygic, sorry, But giving up on sygic myself (after 5y of usage since 5800xm times) and testing ALL available android navis, i have to recommend Navfree. It uses convinient in-app downloadable Open Street Maps and is very reliable on my Jolla. I am using it multiple times a day now. Only the splashscreen and icon are ugly, navscreen itself is quite pretty ;)

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