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VUE Cornucopia 3D Bundles

I bought the one from cornucopia. It was the only model that I've seen that even came close to the French quarter spanish/french architecture. I used it in Daz studio transited via Cararra. It is gigantic, so it can slow down DAZ studio. But the surfaces are set up correctly for you to redo them with shaders or textures.

VUE Cornucopia 3D Bundles

Yeah, I bought that model from cornucopia that was unlocked - not licensed to my copy of view. I don't use view. I really wanted to use DAZ studio. But I had to transit via carrara to get the model to actually load. Saved in DAZ obj format. The model is so gigantic (about 4 blocks) that it can really slow your computer down. I too would love just one French Quarter building on it's own. 350c69d7ab


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