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One Piece Episode 222

Narrator: In our last episode, the Trix enter the Wildlands to capture Bloom. Stella gives up her beach fashion to help Layla, and Musa decides to trust Riven. They both earn their Charmix in the process.

One Piece Episode 222

Narrator: In our next episode of "Winx Club", the pixies are ill, so Layla and Flora take them to the Tree of Life but the tree is sick too and it's up to Flora to find out why. Back at Alfea, Darkar's plans finally unfold and Avalon's identity is revealed.

To start, try to always be available to the sales team and make sure that they know you are available. Of course, sometimes it can be a heavy workload, but in the end, it is worth it. By being solicited by the sales team, you can identify the lack of knowledge and you can fix it rapidly and spread the knowledge to the rest of the team. It also creates trust where the salesperson can come to you for help rather than being afraid when they do not know something. These are my three pieces of advice.

Particular thanks to Marcella from Canada who left a lovely review for On The Ledge, which after a couple of one star stinkers of late, was very welcome. Oh and I should say also, if you are posting on Instagram and you want to get my attention, whether I'm following you or not, do use the #OnTheLedgepodcast hashtag. That's what The Buxhall Gardener did a few weeks ago - I forgot to mention it at the time - they posted about false vivipary, do you remember when we talked about that in episode 198 of the show? The condition where succulent and other flower heads start getting very confused and growing babies on them. I've put that in my stories today if you want to take a look at that. That's how to get my attention if you've got something to post that you'd like me to see.

Jeff emailed about the episode we did on recycling stuff, episode 219, and had a good idea which was taking those little plastic boxes that you get cupcakes and doughnuts in - I mean who needs an excuse to buy doughnuts? But anyway - so you can take these little boxes and Jeff has a clever hack, which is marbles in the bottom, covered with water, some plastic mesh and then he can sit his propagations in their pots on the top with a wick running through into the wet marbles as a wick watering system. Clever Jeff, very clever. So keep sending in your hacks like that, I love to hear them and that's certainly one which will be a good excuse for me to go out and buy some cupcakes this weekend.

Jane: The music you heard in this episode was Roll Jordan Roll by The Joy Drops, The Road We Used To Travel When We Were Kids by Komiku and Whistle by BenJamin Banger. All tracks are licensed under Creative Commons, visit the show notes for details.

[00:40:10] Outro: This podcast is produced by the Liberal Arts Its Development Studio and the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Austin. The music in this episode was written and recorded by Harris Kini. Stay tuned for a new episode every week. You can find this is Democracy on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. See you next time.

In the previous episode we had witnessed that as Hanuman was getting ready to talk with Sita, Ravana enters the Ashoka Vana to pay a visit to Sita. His mind is full of desires and the moment Hanuman sees Ravana, he wants to witness the proceedings more clearly. Hence he comes down to the lower branches of the tree from where he could clearly see what Ravana is trying to do. As Ravana comes near Sita, she feels scared and starts to weep. She covers herself with her saree, so as to escape the evil looks of Ravana. In due course we also witnessed that Ravana is trying to tempt Sita to satisfy his desires. At the same time he says that she is never going to see Rama anymore in her life and hence she has no other option but to marry Ravana.

And that will take you to a page with the entire library so you can get to any of them from there. And then episode 117, we talk about the updated evidence on being induced for reaching your due dates. And then we talk about 39, 40 and 41 weeks. And then of course we have our induction pocket guide, just kind of very handy to have if you are bringing-

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This is episode 222 of the Community Broadband [no-glossary]Bit[/no-glossary]s podcast. Centennial, Colorado's Fiber Director Tim Scott joins the show to discuss conduit policy, dark fiber strategy, and Ting. Listen to this episode here.

Lisa Gonzalez: This is episode 222 of the Community Broadband Bits podcast from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. I'm Lisa Gonzalez. In 2013, Centennial, Colorado voters chose overwhelmingly to opt out of the state's law that restricts local telecommunications authority. Since then, they've steadily advanced toward a plan to use their publicly owned fiber to bring better connectivity to the community. Last month, Internet service provider, Ting, announced that it would be partnering with Centennial to bring gigabit Internet service access via the city's publicly owned fiber-optic network. Tim Scott, the city's director of fiber infrastructure, joins Chris today to talk about Centennial's voyage from a new Denver suburb to a city that has the fiber to draw in a growing provider like Ting. He explains what the city has created and how, what providers are looking for, and offers more information about the new partnership. Now here are Chris and Tim Scott, director of fiber infrastructure from the city of Centennial, Colorado.

Tim Scott: As you say, it's really considered a suburb nearly of Denver. We're right down on the southeast corner of the Denver metro area. What's kind of interesting about the city of Centennial, a lot of people don't know this, it's a very new city. We're only 15 years old. We were incorporated in February 7th, I believe, 2001. It's a very new city that was pieced together in a lot of what was unincorporated Arapahoe County land. We're 14 miles wide across. We often refer to the city as shaped a bit like a dumbbell. We've got this larger eastern residential area, which would be one of the dumbbells, and then it sort of narrows along the middle where we kind of have more of our central business district, or CBD area, and then it widens out again into more of a dumbbell shape on our western side of the city. 14 miles across and a population, I believe, of 107,000.

Tim Scott: Yeah. It seems to get thrown around, but I think you got to be able to demonstrate to a private carrier that this backbone fiber that ultimately they're going to use and really treat as their asset under an IRU, you have to be able to demonstrate that it's been built correctly, with the right as-builts, that it's been tested correctly with the right fiber test results, such as OTDR testing, which they would, I assume, expect to see and many of them will, and that it's ultimately the right type of fiber in terms of its specifications. Some of those ... Those three elements I would certainly say all factor into something being termed carrier grade. Then the other piece that we touched on earlier that I didn't want to forget about is accessibility. There's no point in having the latest and greatest fiber backbone from point A to point B if you can't get at it in between. It's the getting at it in between that creates the valuable laterals that connect to the residential communities or connects to the businesses or connects to anchor institutions. It's combining, I feel, all the factors, right, and into that definition of what's carrier grade. Unfortunately, I've sat down over the years with many communities that might have the fiber asset but really struggle to explain and demonstrate to a private party that it's carrier grade because they don't have the documentation or they don't have the test results or they can't prove that it connects to the right points, A and B or A and Z locations, or that it's accessible in between and they've got the documentation to demonstrate where it's accessible in between. All those factors I feel melt into that broad definition of carrier grade.

This is the transcript for Episode 494 of the Community Broadband Bits Podcast. In this episode, Christopher speaks with Will Anderson, Program Coordinator at Vermont Communications Union Districts Association (VCUDA) and Evan Carlson, Board Chair at NEK Broadband (Northeast Kingdom, VT). Transcript: Community Broadband Bits Episode 493 By onNov 10, 2022 This is the transcript for Episode 428 of the Community Broadband Bits Podcast. In this episode, Christopher speaks with Jeff Magsamen, Telecom Director at Waverly Utilities in Waverly, Iowa. They discuss Waverly, Iowa's journey to building a municipal network. Back to HomeSee All News Subscribe via email for a weekly digest Recent Stories Realizing Ambitions of Open Access in Marin County, California Syracuse, NY Votes to Provide Low Cost Fixed Wireless Broadband to Low Income Households Building for Digital Equity Podcast Episode 3: Mikhail Sundust Offers Digital Equity Lessons from Gila River Indian Community Florida Designates $144 Million in ARPA Funds for 58 Broadband Projects New Bill Could Make Colorado Friendly State for Municipal Broadband Gina Birch Loves Digital Equity at the Ashbury Center in Cleveland Nationwide Push to Address ACP Anemia Lewis County Pushes Forward with Open Access Fiber Plan Featured Links Community Networks MapPodcastVideosFact Sheets Reports and Media The Problem(s) of Broadband in America Shopping for Broadband: Failed Federal Policy Creates Murky Marketplace Six Community Broadband Networks Demonstrate Diversity of Approaches to Connectivity Challenges Minnesota Broadband: Land of 10,000 Connectivity Solutions Tweets by communitynets 041b061a72


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