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Where To Buy Texas Pecans

Creamy Pecan Butter... This is one of the products our customers continue to buy year round. Simple ingredients; only pecans and a little salt. This jar is loaded with nutrition for your morning. Put it on toast or just grab a spoonful on the run. And further note, doctors nationwide recommend our pecan butter to their patients who have peanut and walnut allergies because our orchard kitchen is one of the few kitchens in the U.S. that only processes pecans!

where to buy texas pecans

Dark or Milk Chocolate Caramillicans... Similar to the popular turtles, these pecan treats are loaded with chocolate, caramel, and of course, pecans! Whether treating yourself or someone special, these gift boxes are a great choice!

From October through January, we offer farm-fresh pecans and other products from our orchards on Hauani Creek just north of Lake Texoma. You can order over the phone (877-688-3276), on our website ( or in person.

We purchased the orchard this year and while we have never grown pecans but are very exited to learn and add it to our other family agriculture businesses. We will sell some whole and cracked at farmers market and online. Check us out!

Retail and wholesale, Inshell and Shelled nutmeats in consumer packaging. Flavored and candied pecans available. Nutmeats available year-round. Sales made anytime by appointment. Primary inshell varieties are Cheyenne, Pawnee, Choctaw, Desirable and Kiowa. Pecan brittle available in 8 and 16 oz. bags and in decorative tins.

In-shell, cracked, halves and pieces. Chocolate pecans, flavored pecans, pies, pecan honey butters, pralines, turtles, sugar free items, gift tins, and more. Visit our store, open all year. Mail order, wholesale, and fundraising. Private label available for wholesale and corporate gifts.

Located on the northwestern corner of Lampasas County. Nine miles west of Lometa and one mile east of the Colorado River Bridge in Lampasas County on Hwy 190 W. Many varieties. In-shell, chracked and shelled pecans. Retail and wholesale to the public, shipping available. Open first weekend of November each year through end of December. Fresh crop of pecans usually available by November 1 of each year. Pecan firewood and chunks for smoking and BBQ.

In-shell, cracked, and shelled pecans. Available varieties Pawnee, Desirable, Choctaw, Kiowa, and Cheyenne. All pecans are grown in our orchard and processed through a cleaner, air leg grader and sizer to ensure quality.

Offering the high quality farm fresh shelled native, improved, and papershell pecans, known for their characteristic oil content and famous flavor, year round. Cracked and in-shell pecans are available seasonally (early spring and late fall). Shelled pecans are available in 30 lb bulk packaging, as well as 1 lb retail packaging. Custom bagging is offered as an option. Other items available include candied pecans of all varieties ranging from chocolate covered to savory flavors, a full line of gourmet hand roasted pecans and special one of a kind gift tins. Corporate gifting is offered with custom labeling and mail servicing available. All products make wonderful fundraisers for all organizations, any time of the year. pecans are fresh shelled daily. pecans come straight from Texas pecan orchards to your door, with a variety too choose from. high quality shelled pecans, available in halves, pieces and meal, feature a rich golden color and delicious, buttery flavor. Or perhaps in-shell pecans are more your style. Sitting around the fire, and watching television with the family cracking open pecans is one of our favorite past times. has several pecan nutcrackers available enabling you to get to the nutmeat quicker so you can enjoy this tasty treat. Satisfy a sweet tooth with our selection of gourmet pecans, coated in chocolate, toffee, praline or amaretto. Cooking for a large group or family? Buy pecans in bulk with the fanciest pecans on the market available in 30lb fancy pecan halves or pieces.

Nothing else on the market compares with our complex flavors or the crisp crunch of our pecans. Killer Pecans are a unique treat, great for giving, snacking, adding to sweet and savory recipes, or enjoying with beer, wine, and cocktails.

Delicious and nutritious shelled pecans for sale! These golden fresh pecans will entice any nut lover. Not only do they taste great, they're good for you too! Enjoy the taste of Texas with our mouthwatering Texas Pecans! These pecan halves also make for wonderful Texas Gifts!

Our #1 selling confection! For more than a century, the Lammes family has honored its secret family recipe to cook the world-famous Texas Chewie Pecan Praline. Rich, buttery caramel surrounding the choicest Texas pecans creates a sweet and nutty combination that is distinctive and purely delicious. Only the finest all-natural ingredients, free of preservatives and artificial flavorings, are blended into this ideal confection. Each "Chewie" is individually wrapped in clear cellophane.

Our #1 selling confection! For more than a century, the Lammes family has honored its secret family recipe to cook the world-famous Texas Chewie Pecan Praline. Rich, buttery caramel surrounding the choicest Texas pecans creates a sweet and nutty combination that is distinctive and purely delicious. Only the finest all-natural ingredients, free of preservatives and artificial flavorings, are blended into this ideal confection. Each \\\"Chewie\\\" is individually wrapped in clear cellophane.

Grafting and vegetable planting are a big part of our Spring, followed with our vegetable harvest, irrigation and tree care, that round out the Summer months! Finally, the big push of Pecan harvest fills the Fall, closely followed by the glorious Holiday Season! From the entire Sorrells family, we hope that you enjoy browsing through the pages of our Holiday selections! You may order with our assurance of your complete satisfaction! From all of us at Sorrells Farms, we wish you a very happy, blessed Holiday Season and a New Year filled with joy!Read MoreNeed Convincing?Sorrells Farms Pecans are top rated and well known for its freshness and taste. We want to share the Sorrells Farms Difference with you. We are confident that you will LOVE the taste of our Sorrells Farms Pecans. Sign up to receive a free sample of our pecans shipped right to your door. No strings attached!Get Free SampleRECEIVE A SEASONAL CATALOGWe would like to mail you a copy of our seasonal catalog. Sign up to receive a free mailing of our seasonal catalog.Get Free Catalog Download CatalogCLIENT TESTIMONIALSThanks so to the wonderful fall sale on flowers at Sorrells Farms Retail, my spirits are bright and cheerful. I have color back around my house and feel so happy. Delinda was ever so helpful as always and willing to let me pick out all the bright shades to my hearts delight.

Drought will likely mean smaller pecan size, but Stein said that is not necessarily a bad thing because kernels fill out easier. He said the widespread rainfall should help most pecans, but moisture in the form of rainfall or irrigation will be needed to help kernels fill over the next few weeks.

Very early retail quality Pawnee pecans were selling between $2.40 to $2.75 per pound in the shell, she said. Prices in recent years have been between $2 to $3 per pound for in-shell pecans and around $4 for shelled pecans.

Krebs said domestic demand for pecans was stronger this year, and export demand from other countries, including Mexico, South Africa and South American nations, has filled the gap the trade war with China created for U.S. pecan growers.

Conditions were dry and warmer than normal. Soil moisture remained very short in nearly all counties. More rain was needed to support new growth in pastures. Weeds, especially Johnson grass, were prevalent in pastures. Peanut yields looked good. Cotton yields were on the poor side. Aphid flareups in pecans made spraying necessary in many orchards. Beef cattle numbers were low due to recent culls. Supplemental feeding for cattle continued. Some producers were getting in another cutting of hay. Stock tanks were dry.

Night temperatures were starting to cool down a little, but all areas needed rain. Stock tank water levels were dropping and many were dry. There was no significant precipitation in the forecast. Overgrazed rangeland was very slow to respond to recent rains with any forage growth except weeds. The outlook for pecans remained light. Hay producers fertilized and were optimistic about getting a decent cutting of hay before first frost. Livestock producers slowed selling off herds.

After sourcing our premium raw pecans, we soak and dry them under controlled conditions in a USDA inspected kitchen. Sally Fallon and the Weston A. Price Foundation suggest using this activation process to avail the full nutritional benefits of the nut. We implement extra measures such as refrigeration and vapor barrier packaging to ensure that you receive the freshest and best product possible.

After several cycles of soaking and rinsing and allowing the Texas pecans a little bit of air, they will begin to germinate. This starts to break down the phytates present in the nuts and unlocks the stored nutrients within them.

Once the soaking process is complete, the nuts are dehydrated slowly at a very low temperature to give them a delicate crunch and extend their shelf life. This low-heat method preserves the nutrients while ensuring that the pecans remain entirely raw.

According to the FDA, there is scientific evidence to suggest that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts may contribute to a reduced risk of heart disease. Our raw pecans have a robust flavor and soft texture and provide an enjoyable way to meet this requirement. They may even help boost your cardiological health!

Skeets and Frankie Turbeville began selling pecans from their sweet potato barn in 1978. Soon enough, people started asking if they could crack pecans, and since the demand was there, they added a pecan cracker. Over the years, The Pecan House bloomed into a profitable seasonal business.Mike and Karen Griffith bought The Pecan House from the Turbeville family in 2017 and since then have added the Country Store Pantry, a full variety of items to help with all your culinary needs.In 2020, Mike and Karen transformed The Pecan House from a seasonal business to a year-round place to find the tastiest treats in Texas. Stop by for new crop pecans or a bag of freshly roasted peanuts. We have something you and your family are guaranteed to love. 041b061a72


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