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Download and Enjoy Old Versions of Animal Revolt Battle Simulator for Android Devices

Description: Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Official - the ultimate physics-based combat simulator sandbox. Players can send various animals, dinosaurs, human warriors, mythical creatures and many other fighters onto the battlefield that is on a long list. There is also an editor. In which you can significantly transform the units received under the command. Add weapons, a few auxiliary limbs, etc. With a little practice and a few original ideas, something amazing and fascinating in its grotesque and madness happens at the location. That will surely delight fans of this pastime. Features: * Create your own custom monsters by combining different body parts and weapons. * Enjoy ultimate flexibility! Attach as many body parts and weapons as you want, wherever you want! * You can save your creations for later use!

animal revolt battle simulator apk old version

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This game has a body-customization feature in which you can create different parts and weapons for your monster. You can even equip a dinosaur with rockets, cannons, and crossbows. You can also meet extinct legendary animals in the game's physics-based graphics. Watching the monsters battle and witness their necks twisted, limbs flexed, and blood splashed everywhere, this game may be gruesome, but for some players, that's precisely what makes it appealing.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is one of the best simulation games you will come across. This game offers customizable options that challenge your imagination, and this helps create the perfect monsters for your battles. You can also improve your pets with the enhanced features available in this app to make them more powerful. This animal battle game is worth playing for anyone who enjoys simulation games and creatures.

This physics-based battle simulator lets you create your own units to take on opposing armies. You can attach weapons and body parts to your monsters to make them more dangerous to your opponents. The game also lets you save your creations for later use. It is available on mobile app stores for iOS and Android devices.


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