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Buy Traveler's Notebook

The TRAVELER'S notebook starter kit contains a leather cover, one 003. Blank Refill and spare elastic band. It comes in a cotton dustbag, covered by kraft paper packaging, which makes for an exciting unboxing experience and winning gift idea.

buy traveler's notebook

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TRAVELER'S notebook has a mysterious power. Customizing this notebook in your own way makes you feel like starting something new to write in it or go traveling to an unknown world. We have spent days feeling the mysterious power ourselves.

It changed greatly the ways of our jobs such as manufacturing and designing. Only one notebook may influence people's mind and life. This thought made us believe in unlimited possibilities in our job.

We want to create space to pursue more deeply the world of "TRAVELER'S notebook & company" as well as the place to meet more people. Moreover, we hope to create new communication and articles sharing the real scene. That is our aim to found TRAVELER'S FACTORY.

It was an old small building used as a paper processing factory in the time called highly developing period in Japan. The rugged exterior without any decoration shows commanding self-assertion. The bare walls and floors have been changed to artistic after a long time use. The atmosphere of the factory stimulates creativity just like TRAVELER'S notebook does, and makes us think of a new travel. When we met this building, "TRAVELER'S FACTORY" turned to a reality from imagination world.

TRAVELER'S FACTORY displays TRAVELER'S notebook and other stationery having a theme of tools to spend days just like travel. Original products, articles selected from all over the world and books for travel are also on sale. There are also parts and kits to customize them on your own way.

Your Inspiration, ideas, thoughts, journals, and everything else in between can all be captured in this leather notebook... safe and sound along with your passport, airplane tickets, pictures of your favorite moments. The high-quality leather cover is handmade in Chiangmai, the northern city of Thailand. The vegetable-tanned leather feels great in hands and becomes softer and more beautiful as it travels time with you.

welcome to the world of traveler's notebooks! oblation papers & press is honored to be a partner shop of traveler's company. our store offers the entire line of traveler's, along with traveler's factory items. read about oblation's history with traveler's notebooks, and an interview from our owner, jennifer, on the traveler's company website. many staff members love using their own traveler's notebooks. chat with us when you stop in - we'd be happy to show you our traveler's notebooks!

I finally broke and got a fauxdori, at approximately A5. My love affair has been much shorter than yours, but it is my security blanket (we are downright codependent). Right now I have a planner and two notebooks. It used to be that I needed a notebook for teaching and one for writing, but now I just need one. Then I have a card slot/zipper pocket one for various and sundries. And lord do I have various and sundries.

The Hobonichi Techo can be purchased from the Hobonichi Store for 2,700 Yen (=$22.97). The notebook cover I got is 1,944 Yen (=$16.54). You can purchase the notebook and cover together for 3,780 Yen (=$32.16) plus shipping from Japan. You can find this same cover and notebook at JetPens for $47.00 (they are currently out of stock).

"TRAVELER'S notebook has a mysterious power. Customizing this notebook in your own way makes you feel like starting something new to write in it or go traveling to an unknown world. We have spent days feeling the mysterious power ourselves. We would like to propose a journey where one can express themselves freely"

The Travelers Notebook is perfect for bullet journaling. The tall, narrow pages of the notebook inserts lend themselves well to list-making, and the ability to add different sections makes categorizing your bulleted lists a breeze.

The leather, which looks pristine when new, quickly becomes worn with visible scuffs and scratches. (We think this just adds to the character of the planner.) One of our 10 staff testers thought the regular size was too big for the portability he wanted, but using the passport size, and keeping fewer notebooks inside, would address those concerns.

Record your precious travel memories and capture those unforgettable moments using the ever-popular A5 Traveler's Notebook Cover. This is a very popular size due to its convenient, accessible and practical size. These handmade leather A5 size traveler's notebooks can fit 2 x Leuchtturm1917 (A5 size) notebooks, Hobonichi Cousin (A5) notebooks or Nanami Paper Sevenseas notebooks.

Aside from notebook refills, you can also purchase handy inserts like zipper cases, card files, pocket stickers, and file folders for your Midori. They are inserted just like refill notebooks and help you carry different types of doodads inside your notebook.

These inserts are responsible for making the Midori less of a notebook and more of a system. They can be added easily and can carry anything you may need on a daily basis. Although I only have notebooks in my Midori at this point in time, a zipper case and file folder are in my shopping cart as we speak.

Blank Refill: She jots down to-do lists each work day and patient notes during consultations inside the blank refill notebook. My wife noted she would prefer a daily diary for her to-do lists so she could keep her patient notes inside a dedicated notebook.

The original TRAVELER'S COMPANY notebook (formerly Midori Traveler's Note) is a leather cover journaling system in 2 sizes, with a broad range of notebook inserts and accessory items. Its versatility appeals to a variety of needs, from planning to watercoloring, travel wallet to everyday carry.

Earlier this week, I introduced you to my Happy Planner, just one of the notebooks that I have to help keep my life in check. Today, I'm going to talk about Traveler's Notebooks. I've discovered that it's the absolute perfect medium for my journaling, planning, traveling (and everything else inbetween!) needs. Read on to learn more about these lovely notebooks and how I use them!

Let's start with the basics. Pictured above, you see a Traveler's Company notebook. These leather notebooks originated the term "traveler's notebook," and are well-loved for their simplicity and durable leather. Simply put, a traveler's notebook, as demonstrated above, is a piece of leather cut to size, with an elastic strung through the middle, allowing you to slip a notebook inbetween. Another elastic closes the leather, with the notebook inside, and protects its contents. These standard "Midori" notebooks measure 8.7x4.9 inches. They range anywhere from $35 to upwards of $70USD, depending on the color and edition of the notebook.

This particular traveler's notebook is the Narita Airport edition from Traveler's Company, and I truly loved owning this piece of craftsmanship. I added a lion pen clip, which slid in easily enough because of how thin the leather is. As you can see, there are marks all over the leather after about 4 months of daily use. Personally, I like the rustic feel that the marks add to the leather.

Traveler's notebooks originated as, well, a way for people on the go to jot their thoughts down and keep them safe. They're perfect for writers on the go, memory keeping, and trip planning. But it's easy to imagine other uses for these notebooks! The elastic system makes it easy to swap notebooks in or out, if you've filled one up, or your needs have changed.

Since Traveler's Company came out with their simple, single-strand traveler's notebooks, the classic "Midori" traveler's notebook, there have many businesses creating their own version of these types of notebooks. They're often called "fauxdoris," to pay homage to the original. Some sellers, like Imperfectly Perfekt, name their creations to set them apart from other "fauxdori's" in the marketplace, so hers, for example, are called "keelindori's."

The stack of notebooks you see above are all standard-sized. That means that they are the same height as the Traveler's Company Midori notebook in the middle. However, unlike the classic Midori, "fauxdori's" offer more customization options. For example, my Ravenclaw traveler's notebook in the back has four elastics in the middle instead of one, to hold four or more notebook inserts.

But that's not all, folks! Small businesses offering "fauxdoris" also offer different sizes! If the standard-sized traveler's notebook is too narrow or big for you, you'll be able to find a range of offerings from "micro" up to "composition." One of my favorite traveler's notebook companies is Foxy Fix, and if you're anywhere close to the planner community, you'll have heard of this amazing company.

Not only do they offer a huge variety of leathers and leather colors, stitching and elastic colors, and even embossing options, they have the widest range of sizes that I've seen. You're sure to find a size that suits your needs with them. Here is a notebook size guide from their site:

As you can see, Foxy Fix also offers a single-strap option, so those come only with one elastic strung through the middle, like the Midori traveler's notebook I showed you at the very top of this post. Their compact option comes with four elastics, and a little more wiggle room to comfortably fit 4-6 notebooks. Their wide option comes with six elastics, so you can really stuff these traveler's notebooks!

So, you get the idea! If you're even remotely interested in trying a traveler's notebook for your planning needs, you'll definitely find an option that suits you, whether you're looking for your favorite colors, the perfect sizes, or even a specific pattern or embossing. In fact, you might even be overwhelmed! In that case, let me tell you exactly how I use my traveler's notebooks and why I own so many. 041b061a72


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