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How To Get Others Password In Facebook

I have a different situation. Someone by a totally different name is using my email and phone number for their account. If I log out of my account and go back in and type in my username and password it takes me to their account and not my original?? What is that and how do I fix it?

how to get others password in facebook

My account was hacked several weeks ago. The person was able to change my email address to his and he changed my name on my facebook profile and made it his name. All of my friends can see his name under my picture and it is creepy. I tried to report this with no help. I created a new page and now that has been disabled. I know it is tied to the hacking. How can I get around this?

facebook suddenly vanished on the 10th Ddecember 2020off my computor without warning and asked me to nopen anew account when i did they told me there was someone with the same name AS me already on that account there was no way i new how to tell them it was me so ive no way of entering facebook i am 90 and not to bright with these computors but not dim either will some one please help

Note that if you use the same login for your business and personal Facebook accounts, it also means your personal login credentials were compromised. So it is imperative that you change your password and, ideally, turn on two-factor authentication.

TeamPassword is a robust password manager where you can keep all your credentials in one place! You never have to remember passwords because TeamPassword complete's login forms for you! Sign up for a 14-day free trial to experience the convenience and security of TeamPassword!

These days, most people save passwords in the browser. If you're logging in using another device (or browser), try checking your browser's password manager, where you'll likely find your Facebook credentials!

Saving passwords in a browser like Google Chrome is risky because these password managers are unencrypted. We have another article about the risks of saving passwords in Chrome and our recommendations for a better password manager solution.

The easiest method is sticking to two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator (GA). To log in to Facebook, you will need your password and a six-digit code from GA. Without the GA code, you can't log into your Facebook account.

With any password reset, prevention is better than cure! Using a password manager is the best way to manage your login credentials securely and not have to worry about remembering passwords!

TeamPassword is a password manager designed to make sharing credentials easy and secure! You never have to remember or enter passwords when logging in because TeamPassword does it all for you.

TeamPassword's most robust feature is its ability to share credentials securely. If your team still shares passwords via email, Slack, or spreadsheets, you are exposing your company and customers to many cybersecurity risks.

TeamPassword's groups are also great for hiring contractors or freelancers. Set these temporary team members up on TeamPassword and remove them when they complete the job. No need to share raw login credentials or change passwords when a coworker leaves the team!

Because you have the option to always enter your password when switching profiles, this feature is useful for family members who share a computer. Facebook also allows you to add up to 10 accounts using the Account Switcher feature.

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Having someone hack into your Facebook account will not only make your own life miserable but it could severely affect your business if your account has administrative access to your Facebook business page. Changing your Facebook password only takes a few seconds, so it's a good idea to change it whenever you suspect someone may have accessed your computer, or routinely every few months. If you find viruses or malware on your computer, change your Facebook password. If others have administrative access to your business page, remind them to keep their passwords secure as well.

If you want to operate your Facebook account, you need to remember your login credentials or linked email. If you have lost your Facebook password or email, you need to reset it immediately. Are you wondering how to reset your Facebook password with email? Or, how to open a Facebook account without a password and email address?

It is very normal that you forgot your Facebook password. These days' people log in on devices once and forget their credentials. Later, when you need to open Facebook on any new device or browser, you forgot the password.

But, you do not need to panic, as you can reset Facebook password without email. If your phone number is saved in your Facebook account, then you can recover your Facebook password with the below-mentioned steps:

Check all your android and iOS devices, mobile browser, and even a different browser on your computer. And, if you find that you are logged in elsewhere, then you can reset the Facebook password without any need for a security code.

We hope that from the above article, you have gained knowledge on how to reset Facebook password without email and with email. Also, now, if you forgot Facebook email and password, you can easily recover them.

That said, you might not have a strong and unique Facebook password. Maybe a reshuffled spelling of your name is the key to your account. But if it's not strong, there's a chance that someone could be trying to breach your Facebook account. In which case, it's probably time to change your password.

7. You'll be asked to re-enter your current Facebook password to confirm the changes. Once you've completed this security step, Facebook will send you a verification email containing a link that you must click on to prove that it is a valid email address that you own.

7. On the next screen, Facebook will require you to enter your new email address and your password. Once you're done, tap on Add Email Address, and you'll be sent a confirmation email.

When you stop using a social networking profile or website, it is a good idea to deactivate or delete your account. This will mean that your content is no longer visible online and should not be searchable online. It will also remove the risk of these accounts being used by others or hacked without you knowing.

If you change your mind in the 30 days after deleting your account you can log back into Snapchat like you normally would using your username and password. This will reactivate your account and stop your account being deleted.

To eliminate all existing saved passwords, click Remove all. To eliminate specific saved passwords, locate the site within the Site column and click on it once to highlight it in blue. Then click the Remove button below. You can also remove all saved passwords by clicking the Remove All button. If you wish, deselect the option to Remember logins for sites. This will prevent passwords from being saved in the future. In older versions of Firefox, this option is in the Privacy tab instead of Security.

To eliminate all existing saved passwords, click Remove all. To eliminate specific saved passwords, click View Saved Passwords and delete just those associated with If you wish, deselect the option to Remember passwords. This will prevent passwords from being saved in the future. In older versions of Firefox, this option is in the Privacy tab instead of Security.

I have a Facebook account and I want other people to use it as well. (Of course this is not my personal one, just an account for work.) However, when I share it, Facebook constantly alarms me about being hacked, even forcing me to change my password. How to tell it that I know that already?

The company also allows people who use a shared password to transfer their personalized profile information to either a new account or a sub account, allowing them to keep their viewing history and recommendations.

A survey from research organization Time2Play suggested about 80% of Americans who use someone else's password wouldn't get their own new account if they couldn't share the password. It didn't survey how many current account payers would be willing to pay more to share with others.

Netflix's plan is unprecedented. No major streamer has ever cracked down on password sharing before. Other owners of streaming services, such as Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, Comcast's NBCUniversal and Paramount Global, will likely not set their own plans until after reviewing Netflix's password-sharing reforms.

Some account holders will undoubtedly be surprised when they receive news from Netflix that their passwords are being shared. It's also unclear how long Netflix would allow those watching on a shared account to maintain access if the primary account holder chooses not to pay the additional fee.

If changing your password fixes your Facebook problems, you should change your password for all your other services too, especially if you use the same password for them as you previously used on Facebook. If this doesn't fix the problem, try the next step.

On its own, forgetting your Facebook password is frustrating. But when you realize that you might also require your Facebook account to log into other services, it becomes much more terrifying. But have no fear, there are a few ways to reset a forgotten password, and to we'll help you so you could never be concerned about having your Facebook password forgotten ever again. Some of the techniques, though, will only work if you prepared beforehand.

If you are already logged in but can't remember your password, follow the steps under Change your password, then click Forgotten password? and follow the steps to reset it. Remember that you will require access to the email address that is linked to your Facebook account.


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