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NewsRadio - Complete

Our complete racing communications systems have been put to the test in high-performance road course racing series such as Pirelli GT4, Blancpain GT World Challenge, Ferrari Challenge, IMSA, and more. Built to last and deliver consistent performance, invest in a proven solution for your team today.

NewsRadio - Complete

+CrewThe package includes a complete package for one crew member/engineer and features a Motorola CP200D Digital radio, a Racing Radios Two-Way Headset with noise-canceling microphone, headset cable, and Racing Radios Belt. (Add an additional Crew Member package to this bundle for extra savings)

Complete Broadcast 1941 (Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor)complete broadcast day recordings of the Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.The Japanese attack changed the history of the world and officially brought the United States in World War II.

Jess Walker has been working full-time while studying to complete his undergraduate education. This year he served as Program/Music director and on-air talent for KJDL-FM in Lubbock, TX, overseeing a format switch to Alternative (Texas) Country. He reports that their sales are up 51% from this time last year. Jess plans to continue working for KJDL after graduation while he considers pursuing a law degree in High Technology. He feels that a legal education degree in this field will benefit his future in radio management.

There's a new tool in the arsenal to stop the spread of coronavirus. It's a do-it-yourself contact tracing tool developed at Florida International University. Psychologist Jacqueline Evans says the "Cog Tracer" is a free and private app you can use the minute you start feeling sick. It works by asking specific prompt questions to better recall who you've come into contact with. She says it uses investigative interviewing tools to dig deeper into people's memories it also asks people to visualize themselves in certain places -to come up with a more complete list.

One major factor I see is that no one really cares for the White Trumpist-Nationalists narrative the Democratic Party has been riding on since the complete and utter failure of Mrs. Clinton. No one's buying it anymore. Running on the platform of slandering your opponent will only get you so far, and it looks like the "Racist Boogieman" car has run out of gas. This is just one factor and only a recent one.


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