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Where To Buy Irish Bacon Near Me

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where to buy irish bacon near me

Boiling bacon is usually associated with Ireland and is brined pork from a shoulder cut of meat, although other cuts of pork can be used. It is cooked whole and sliced afterward, not prior to cooking like the bacon we are normally accustomed to. During different periods of time, corned beef was used instead of boiling bacon, which is where the dish corned beef and cabbage originated. Both the corned beef and the boiling bacon are cooked in a similar fashion.

Irish bacon is different because of the cut of the meat. Regular bacon comes from the underbelly of the pig, whereas Irish Bacon is from the back of the pig. Usually cut in rounder and does not get as crispy. Therefore, you want to make sure when cooking it in this recipe you do not over cook it. Especially when you will be reheating for meals in the week.

I went and sent for this irish bacon and it was delicious. I loved this recipe and it will be used again. The bacon came as a 4 lb piece which I cut into half and cooked the first piece using half the vegetables. I just cooked the second piece last week and we had the leftover vegetables (cooking more). The sauce was what pulled this dish together.

Nitrates and nitrites have been used in food preservation for nearly 100 years, and for an understandable reason - they're cheap! Not only do nitrates and nitrites help preserve food, but they also add the pleasing pink color to bacon that many consumers look for. So, what's the problem? Synthetically-sourced nitrates can have adverse effects on your health. It's important to understand that nitrates and nitrites are not the same. Nitrates turn into nitrites in your body. Upon reaching your stomach, those same nitrites then convert into nitrosamines. Nitrosamine is a carcinogen and has often been linked to cancer.

Curious to know if the bacon you're buying has been put into a smoker? While the nutritional label won't give you much insight into the smoking process, the other labels on the package might! If your bacon is labeled "hardwood smoked" or "naturally smoked," this means that it was put into a smoker. Now, if the bacon you purchase bacon has a smoky flavor without these labels, it's likely that it was injected with liquid smoke to speed up the preservation process. When smoking bacon, different types of wood and sawdust are used to achieve a variety of flavors. In essence, our Hickory and Cherrywood wood chips give our bacon a full-bodied and balanced smoke that nearly everyone enjoys! 041b061a72


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