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Black And White Boom Comics

Turtles kickstarted the \"black-and-white\" boom, with comic publishers jumping on the bandwagon of producing comics on the cheap -- for better or for worse. \"It really expanded for the readership what comics could be,\" says Brett Warnock, Founder of Top Shelf Productions.

black and white boom comics


Turtles kickstarted the "black-and-white" boom, with comic publishers jumping on the bandwagon of producing comics on the cheap -- for better or for worse. "It really expanded for the readership what comics could be," says Brett Warnock, Founder of Top Shelf Productions.

Boom (Black/White) and Bang (Black/White) are a deep love affair with black and white comic books and illustrated comic-sound effects! Hand-pulled and silkscreen-printed with black ink on 300 gsm fine-art cotton paper.

When Chiarello became a Batman editor "a whole bunch of years" later, he naturally "pitch[ed] the idea of a black and white anthology". Told by many colleagues that it would not sell - both because it was an anthology and because it was a black-and-white title, neither of which were purportedly widely liked by comics readers - the idea was green-lit, and Mike Carlin and Scott Peterson joined Chiarello to "make sure [he] didn't destroy the integrity of [Batman]".[2]

Malibu Graphics (soon to be Malibu Comics) was established in December 1986 and the first titles were scheduled for release in June 1987. Historians can make the decision if we were just late to the party or bravely bucking the trend, but by the time Malibu Graphics started releasing its first titles, there certainly was no easy money to be made in creator-owned black-and-white comics.

You see, there is a long history of stereotyping black men as being physically aggressive and displaying them as intimidating physical forces, often to the level of being superhuman. That narrative is often given in parallel with white intelligence, presenting the brutish black of preternatural strength with one hand and the smart white of great intellect with the other even when placed in exactly the same environment. Comedians Key and Peele do a great job of delineating how this coded racism has found its way into, for example, sports commentary. This depiction of the superhuman black has led to dire consequences for a number of black youth in America, to name a few: Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice. White police feel so threatened by black men, fear their purported strength, aggression, and animalistic tendencies, that they believe themselves justified when gunning them down in cold blood.

If these gentlemen were so committed to handling this respectfully and responsibly, then they would have decided not to co-opt a title that is clearly a part of the black struggle and is already being used by a black comics creator for a separate project that explores black history.

BOOM! has unveiled a special, black and white edition of the series debut issue. Set to release in January this latest version is designed in the vein of classic TMNT comics which were release in the colourless format.

BOOM! Studios, under license by Hasbro, Inc. and in partnership with IDW and Nickelodeon, announced today the MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS/TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #1 BLACK AND WHITE LIMITED EDITION, a brand new black & white edition of the acclaimed limited series debut written by Ryan Parrott (Power Rangers: Necessary Evil), illustrated by Simone di Meo (Venom Annual), and lettered by Ed Dukeshire (The Red Mother).

Power Rangers, the show which helped kick off this boom, has been surprisingly decent with regards to the involvement of Asian creatives in its production, from maintaining a professional relationship with Toei, the production company behind Super Sentai, to the involvement of Asian cast and crew members such as action director/fight coordinator Koichi Sakamoto and director Akihiro Noguchi. However, the Boom! Studios comics run into the same issues as the aforementioned indie series, with some exceptions such as Indonesian series artist Hendry Prasetya.


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